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      data-title="Product Name"

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Komoju helps some of the major Gaming and Digital companies grow their Japanese online sales

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  • All Japanese Payment Methods in a single API
  • Free Integration
  • Zero maintenance fee
  • Fully Compliant konbini and Cards setup
  • Local Expertise

Convenience Stores (konbini in short) are only behind Cards as the preferred online payment method in Japan.

Consumers buy online and then go to their trusted convenience store for finalizing the purchase.

Integrate Konbini Payments and expand your reach to over 50,000 payment outlets in Japan for selling your goods and services.

Why retail outlets for accepting online sales?

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Komoju can support any kind of eShops with our hosted solution. 

We are a Japanese company, and our local experts will give you an unparalleled support and help you expand into one of the largest eCommerce markets on the planet.

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Q: Startup or an agile eCommerce company?

A: Use our powerful Hosted Checkout and sleep well, we'll handle security

Q: Enterprise willing to control the full online experience?

A: Just add konbini to your payment methods

Would you like to know why the biggest names in Gaming and Technology trust Komoju for accepting Online Payments via konbini?

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