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Join the leading gaming and digital brands, choose Komoju for your local Japanese payments

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Komoju provides you with:

  • All major Japanese Payment Methods
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  • Fully compliant payment acceptance
  • Local expertise

There are over 50,000 convenience stores (konbini in Japanese) spread throughout the country; Japanese consumers go to convenience stores for purchasing groceries, paying their bills, or even for finalizing their online purchases.

Why offer the option to settle online transactions in convenience stores? Because Japanese people feel confident in paying cash and adopting this solution will also help reducing cart abandonment from unbanked and people reluctant to using their Card online. 

Curious to see how Konbini transactions work?

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Komoju supports online companies to successfully enter the Japanese Market.

Localizing the Japanese online shop by adding the right payment options is the first step for your eCommerce business. The Japanese consumers need to feel engaged and foreign brands have to build confidence by proposing payment methods that the local shoppers trust and are comfortable with.

Komoju supports Konbini Payments in all major convenience store chains, immediately expanding the reach of its merchants to thousands of outlets throughout the country.

Konbini is not the only payment product available through Komoju: Credit/Debit Cards, Digital Money, Mobile Carrier, and Bank Transfers are all supported locally, guaranteeing the ideal coverage of the Japanese market.

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Would you like to know why the biggest names in Gaming and Technology trust Komoju for managing their online payments via Konbini?

Access our dedicated content page for more information and learn how accepting payments in convenience stores will strengthen your eCommerce strategy for Japan.

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Hosted Page

A white-labeled integration to embed inside your web applications. It supports all major Japanese payment options (in English, Japanese, and Korean). See a full list here.


Komoju provides a simple interface for creating payments in your preferred programming language.


A fully customizable Javascript widget for your website or HTML5 enabled applications.

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Komoju Buys allows you to manage directly your sales, giving you the chance to sell directly to your consumers.

Komoju offers multiple options to integrate Japanese local payments into your website, all tailored to your business

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Optimizing your Checkout

Tailoring the offer to the Japanese Online Consumers

Offering konbini at checkout will make any website instantly resonate with the Japanese shoppers.

Just like with Cards or any other online payment method, consumers can select Konbini at checkout and then complete the payment in just a few steps inside the shop. Check out the video below to see the comparison between Komoju and another provider.

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